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ASPIRE strives to bring technology to all schools and become a part of the larger picture of Digital India.

Community learning center – This is the place where students are being engaged in learning new things and also to understand the school curriculum and syllabus.

Main focuses of clc’s are…
1. To enroll those students who are out of the schools and make them able to read and write in both the language and literacy, and simple basic mathematics.
2. To provide the learning support to those students who are enroll in the schools but are not at the required level of understating with the admitted class.
3. To support to those students, who are enroll in the schools and also they have good command on the basic and able to deal syllabus with the appropriate skills, in syllabus’s advanced topics.
4. Teaching and learning through activities, with fun.

1. Learning and teaching is the center of activities conducted in the clc.
2. Extracurricular activities like movies session, craft work, important days celebrations.
3. Arranging Meeting with Parents, aagan wadis, SMC.
4. Spread awareness about education around the community.

We celebrate the occasions in clc like mother’s day, Independence Day, children’s day etc. purpose of celebrating special days is to create importance of every day and event of history. To make the students aware about the dedication, pride, value, sacrifices, people behind of every event.

Continues development of teachers is the main part to enhance the teaching quality and also teachers as an individual development.Areas of Academics workshop and session with teachers:
• Language workshop
• Mathematics workshop
• Learning Activity workshop
• Learning Level of students, Report sharing session
• Session about roles and responsibilities of SMC and RTE.


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