Aspire has a dedicated team for Research, Training and Skill Development to bring out the BEST in you.Following training workshops had been organized by ASPIRE:

1. Govt Teacher’s TLM Workshop Report of Joda Block,1000 Schools Project Odisha, Keonjhar (Odisha): 

On the progressive way of Aspire organization in Odisha (1000 Schools Project) from last three year, Aspire team joda has achieved another step of our objective which is TLM workshop with Govt teacher’s on date 26-09-2018. This Program was held in different four places like as Joda Municipality, Dalki Ps at Barbil, Kandra UGMEs at kandra and Bamebari Tisco Club at Bamebari. There members present are Govt teacher, HM, CRCC, SMC & PRI member also.

Objective of this Program:-

  1. A good coordination will be created of both aspire and Govt education system and community.
  2. We were sharing positive result and impact of these teaching leaning materials during LEP class and sensitizing teachers towards their right use.
  3. We had discussed how to use the TLM in the classroom with students in the workshop as well as making group wise and collective practice.
  4. We have discussed the aim & objective of support class with Govt. teacher on the grade 1st and 2nd
  5. Which type of TLM will be provided to school by Aspire and what will be the teaching process of Aspire for the support class.

Subject Wise Activity

In Math

Activities like Ganitmala ( Use of Ganitmala, Tota, Blue clip, Maancard, number catcher),Rangometri (Color and shape),Number Tilli,Judo cubes,Currency  counting conducted.

In Language

Activities like Rhymes card (Sorting, searching and matching), Namavali (Name cards),Sentence strip, Chain talking conducted.


2. LEP/L-3 and Govt. strengthening Classes in Block Harichandanpur, Keonjhar Orissa)

LEP is running in 42 schools, including 22 upper primary schools and 20 primary schools. Out of 30 teachers 5 are running one batches class and remaining 24 are running two batches LEP/L-3 Class and also all teachers’ does Ujwala Class & class 1 & 2 strengthening process with Govt. teachers regularly in three schools (Each Teacher). 

Objective of this Program:-

  1. LEP teachers had tried to self-skill based class and  learning improvement by doing several activities.
  2. Exposure visit to Mangalpur Nursery centre on planting and Drafting.  
  3. One day Orientation on TLM in Govt. Strengthening School.

Subject wise Activity


1092 Children have able to making village map, symbol of map, direction of the  map , survey to village history, how to naming of village. More parent has help to children for make report writing on village history. Children have known to family background like grandfather’s name, his father to father and mother etc.


In LEP centres there are 1039 students have knowing about values of source of Food, conservation of food for survival in the earth which is become population is growth day by day. Children have known about    type of food, vitamin of food, food deficiency disease etc.


Day, week, month, year, Eon, Century – knowing about 988 students out of 1502, Use of Time – 978 students out of 1502,1325 children have known about concept of fraction and 1152 children known about addition of fraction.

Language (Odia) 

Essay and paragraph writing – 989 students out of 1502, Letter writing – 838 student out of 1502,General knowledge- 764 students out of 1502

 Language (English) 

Vowel and Consonant (A/An)- 805 students knowing that out 1502, Human body parts(Name Word)- 689 students out of 1502, Family members(Name Word)- 770 students out of 1502, Vegetable and fruit (Name Word)- 680 students out of 1502 Self-introduction 918 students out of 1502


3. Govt. Teachers workshop of Block Harichandanpur, Keonjhar Orissa)

A workshop was organized along with the teachers on the teaching materials in the joint collaboration of the Aspire and education department Harichandanpur. In this workshop 159 govt. teachers, 92 head masters, 14 CRCC, 2 ABEO, 1 BRT and Block education officer participated and all 25 Panchyat and 191 schools covered under this program.

Govt. Strengthening Class  

In Harichandanpur block have 239 schools here hence 93 schools are running to govt. strengthening intervention classes. LEP teachers has been home to visit to irregular students properly and weekly two days rally in village level as per need.LEP Teachers has cooperated to children to proper fill-up of workbooks in classroom day to day. Making and use of TLM in classroom as per need-  90% schools has use proper TLM in classroom. Regulation with SMC Members- we have done in 82 schools regulation with SMC members out of 93 schools


Some Glimpses from the trainings:-

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