Here are the list of our projects and partnerships:

1000 Schools Project, Odisha

In 2014, ASPIRE partnered with Tata Steel Foundation to launch the ‘1000 Schools Project’ in six blocks in Jajpur, Keonjhar and Sundargarh districts of Odisha, covering 125 gram panchayats and 29 urban wards. The program has three main focus areas: increasing access to education for all children, improving learning capability of primary grade children and strengthening the school governance system. The 1000 Schools Project is in its sixth year and covers 100 percent of gram panchayats and government schools in its six blocks of operation. The last few years have seen major developments under the three focus areas, such as 90 per cent of our villages have become Child Labor Free Zones i.e. every child in these villages is in school and attending regularly. School Management Committees, Panchayat Raj Institution committees, Parent Teacher Associations, among other institutions, have been activated and are functioning effectively.

Education Signature Project, Odisha

Upon the success and recognition of ‘The 1000 Schools Project’, we expanded our programme in the entire district of Keonjhar with the support of the Tata Steel Foundation. The new programme covers 11 new blocks and 4 Municipalities with 3,38,921 households in 253 gram panchayats and 50 urban wards.

School Improvement Project, Jharkhand

In 2 blocks, Naomundi and Jaganathpur in Jharkhand, we work with The Hans Foundation and Tata Steel Foundation on a School Improvement Project. The Jharkhand programme began in 2016 and covers 34 gram panchayats, 767 villages and 42,698 households. As of January 1, 2020, out of 9,969 out-of-school children in the 2 Jharkhand blocks, 77.4 per cent have been brought back to school.

Quest Project, Odisha

We work in 6 gram panchayats in Angul and Dhenakanal districts of Odisha in partnership with Tata Steel BSL. The programme reaches out to 6,756 households and 32 government schools with an aim to ensure universal access and improved learning for all children.

Magic Bus Project, Delhi

In Mandawali and Shakurpur areas of Delhi, we work with 2,341 children in ten government schools and two community learning centers. The project is in partnership with Magic Bus Foundation and is supported by Hero Moto Corporation. The goal of the project is to enable first-generation adolescent learners from underprivileged households to complete their formal education and acquire employability skills.

All round School Improvement Project, Delhi

With support from our partners, TATA-AIG, we work in ten government schools of Delhi, covering 4,039 children. Remedial classes are given to all children who are lagging behind in their studies and training workshops are held for government school teachers, School Management Committee members and headmasters to improve their functioning and management skills.

Other Partnerships

In Telengana, we partnered with Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya Foundation (MVF) to run an advocacy campaign and social audit of learning outcomes in the entire state. Together, with Nandan Nilekani’s Ek Step Foundation, we digitised our bridging learning material. We worked with Design for Change on imparting transversal and 21st-century skills to children in our programme areas. We are working with the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education on improving pedagogy in science.